the new me

I’m trying to write again. Being a mom has taught me so much, and I think I’m just beginning to learn how to find “me” again–the Bethany that existed before this precious boy joined us. (life is spent here a lot nowadays) I squeezed into a pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans this morning. My stomach … Continue reading the new me


It’s been almost four weeks since we welcomed our little babe into the world. Four weeks of cuddles, crying, napping, trying to keep our eyes open, poops, and smiles. I know that this season won’t last very long, so I am trying to soak in every little noise he makes, thank Jesus for even the … Continue reading 3.30.17

two lines

If I could sum up for you what the past 10 months have been into one word, whatever that word was would make you feel exhausted.┬áMuch of it can be attributed to changes and shifts in my life at work, coupled with the fact that one lazy Saturday in July I looked down at the … Continue reading two lines