Memoir of a Scar

Prompt: scars If you follow the curve Up to the crease of her elbow And send shivers down her spine You will find The raised skin Speaks of a time Devoid of caution and suspense It was just straightforward Headlong Merriment But little legs aren’t meant to climb Tall, ancient oaks Like a monkey or … Continue reading Memoir of a Scar


  sometimes when I try to build bridges, instead I end up with knives, that poke and prod with unseemly precision (which I never meant to do), or when I try to make amends, it blows up on me like a grenade. somehow my words start out in good faith and intentions but end up like an … Continue reading tongue-tied


my one and only, in no one else, no other human in this shared experience of existence, has my soul found a home, an acceptance, an ease, such silly, serious, perfect love, like I have found in you. Continue reading home