two lines

If I could sum up for you what the past 10 months have been into one word, whatever that word was would make you feel exhausted. Much of it can be attributed to changes and shifts in my life at work, coupled with the fact that one lazy Saturday in July I looked down at the … Continue reading two lines

Memoir of a Scar

Prompt: scars If you follow the curve Up to the crease of her elbow And send shivers down her spine You will find The raised skin Speaks of a time Devoid of caution and suspense It was just straightforward Headlong Merriment But little legs aren’t meant to climb Tall, ancient oaks Like a monkey or … Continue reading Memoir of a Scar


  sometimes when I try to build bridges, instead I end up with knives, that poke and prod with unseemly precision (which I never meant to do), or when I try to make amends, it blows up on me like a grenade. somehow my words start out in good faith and intentions but end up like an … Continue reading tongue-tied