Sorry for the lack of updates. I graduated June 15th! Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of preparation and tying up loose ends and realizing how long I’m not going to be in America. Here’s a glimpse into life as of late.  Advertisements Continue reading

Isla Vista // 5.23.14

What is there even to say which hasn’t been said about the tragedy that took place this weekend in Isla Vista? I don’t have any wise words to offer. I just need to get my thoughts out so I can process and grieve along with the rest of my community. I apologize in advance if … Continue reading Isla Vista // 5.23.14

au revoir, ucsb.

Well, it’s not goodbye yet. But in exactly two weeks from today I will walk out of my very last class at UCSB, and a week after that I’ll be walking across the stage, diploma in hand, off to face the world.  omg.  I’ve been getting nostalgic and thinking about my experience here for the … Continue reading au revoir, ucsb.

I think I was born with a travel bug. I grew up always learning about other cultures, praying for missionaries and dreaming of traveling. (thanks mom) When I was 13 years old I went on my first solo trip to Panama (I met a group there, obviously. Not THAT gung-ho) which set the standard for … Continue reading

April 4th was the 46th anniversary of this man’s murder. I was assigned to read “Letter from Birmingham City Jail” this week. There are a million of quotes that are worthy of contemplating, but I felt this one was especially charging. “All that is said here grows out of a tragic misconception that time will … Continue reading

culture confusion.

Mulch and I watched a movie last week called Paranoia. It stars Liam Hemsworth, Indiana Jones and Gary Oldman.  [Harrison Ford will forever be Indy to me] I think we were expecting a thriller; along the same vein as Bourne Identity, but just a little less classy. Well, it definitely fulfilled the less classy expectation. … Continue reading culture confusion.