Ireland: Day 8-14

I suppose I’ve committed a blog fail. We’ve been in CA for a WEEK today, and I have yet to update you with the last few days of our Irish adventure. So without further ado… DAY — E I G H T — Cashel We began our day with a casual encounter with insanity. The … Continue reading Ireland: Day 8-14

Ireland: Day 4-7

Everyone told us it would rain. Guess how many days we braved the rain so far while in Ireland? None. Well, technically it rained once for a little and drizzled a couple days and it’s been overcast every once in a while. Don’t worry, it’s still been cold. But everywhere we go, all the Irish … Continue reading Ireland: Day 4-7

Ireland: Day 1- 3

Planes make life a lot easier. It’s nice, somewhat nostalgic, to take trains and ferries and buses to be transported around, but a plane really makes your travel quick and relatively harmless. Though I wouldn’t change our process of arriving in Ireland, the journey did make me appreciate our 3 hour flight from Budapest only … Continue reading Ireland: Day 1- 3