We are over a month out from our return, but I’m only just nearing the last days of our trip here on the blog. I guess life has a way of doing that; even with the best intentions, we get swept away and along the tide of constant to-do’s and too-much. But, I digress. Because … Continue reading Berlin


We had the joy of meeting up with friends of our friend while in London. That’s one thing that is so special about traveling; you realize just how small the world is. On our walk to join them, the air was damp with intermittent rain, the sky a perpetual gray with no sunshine in sight. … Continue reading London


Paris was another first for the both of us. The trauma from the recent tragedies in the city were still palpable. Even as normal life ensues, the bitter taste of mourning still finds its way into conversations and interactions. I could feel that in Paris. I have only personally befriended one person from France outside … Continue reading Paris


Mulch and I spent two weeks across the pond at the end of January and beginning of February. It went by quick, sort of like a CA “winter.” In the moment, seemingly endless, but over before we realized it was time or were ready. Cue sarcastic joke about El Nino. “Yeah, what El Nino, huh??” Exactly. … Continue reading Amsterdam

Well hello friends.  Since you and I last spoke, Mulch and I have had three days in Budapest, three days in London, and are on our second of six days in Scotland. Tomorrow we head up to the Isle of Skye where our minds are going to be blown with the beauty of creation. Well, more than … Continue reading